Custom Wrestling Singlets - get your personal wrestling singlet design created from one of our many templates from Cliff Keen. You can also browse our web site for other top-quality Wrestling Products.

Now Get Custom Made Wrestling Singlets From JR Wrestling

A wrestling singlet is a single-piece outfit worn by wrestlers during their wrestling matches. Wrestling singlets are generally made by using high quality Lycra, spandex or nylon,  blend together to get the tightest fit which is that most crucial to avoid hand grabbing by clothes during a match. This also allows referees to clearly see the wrestlers' bodies during a match. These singlets are provided in different colors and normally feature the wrestler's number, school, team colors or sponsors. So, now you can also customize your own wrestling singlet from JR Wrestling. When it is about choosing appropriate wrestling accessories for kids and high school wrestlers, durability needs to be ensured along with easy-to-understand usage.


Clothing for this kind of a sport needs to be sturdy enough to take a tough beating. We understand this quite well and that is why, offer only high quality custom made wrestling singlets from Cliff Keen. On our website, browse the varied styles of Cliff Keen wrestling singlets and choose an appropriate one for yourself. Most of the wrestling singlets have a standard design with two shoulder straps and attached shorts reaching to the mid-thigh, but you can choose from various body design styles as well. Creating your own clothing lets you express creativity and your own individual style which is considered as a popular hobby.


You can select the colors for your singlet including different colors for stripes and designs on the body, and a color for the trim. Get your team name, number or any other thing you'd add and see on your singlet. In addition to this, you can also specify desired placement of any text. Choose a logo from the variety of options that may be provided by us, or upload a picture of the logo that you'd like to see on your singlet. With us, you can easily place your order for your wrestling custom singlet, by just specifying the size and number of singlets you want. You can easily contact us via email to complete and also, confirm your order. Also, there is an available option for sending us a fax to mail us the order, as orders by via phone calls are not allowed as well as, accepted.


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