Sales / Customer Service Info

JR Wrestling Products actively reports and prosecutes all actual and suspected fraud. We may require additional information from the card holder including a telephone confirmation of the order before your order is shipped. Our decision to require additional information is at our discretion. JRWrestling reserves the right to cancel delay refuse or recall from the shipper any order suspected of fraud.

JRWrestling Products captures specific information during the order process including time date and other information that can be used to locate and identify individuals committing fraud. Any order that is suspected to be fraudulent will be submitted with or without a subpoena to law enforcement agencies and to the credit card company for fraud investigation. JR Wrestling Products will cooperate with authorities to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Questions comments compliments or complaints help us to give you what you want. Email us at: or mail us at, 14000 Sunfish Lake Blvd NW, Ste N&O, Ramsey, MN 55303 with your feedback. If you have any questions about the above information and policies call JRWrestling at 612-676-3933 or email us at